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Our approach


Thanks to the fruit boxes from JAMART bvba you will be able to display your products in an attractive, natural and quality conserving way. We always work with freshly supplied wood.


JAMART bvba fabricates all common standard sizes. All of our products can be stacked easily and fit together perfectly on standard pallets. Our boxes are sturdy enough so that pallets without racking systems can be stacked.


JAMART bvba employs 20 permanent staff members. Two automated production lines are set up for the production of boxes, with a combined capacity of 50.000 boxes a day.


JAMART bvba serves her customers based on the “just in time” principle. Our own transport service Stijn Jamart bvba guarantees a prompt and accurate delivery.

More about us

The roots of our factory are situated in the small town of Kerniel, Belgium. In 1928 Jean Jamart and his brother Octaaf started with the production of wooden beer crates and fruit boxes.

Rico Jamart (son of Jean) entered the company in 1965 and started with 2 new products right away: wooden fruit pallet-boxes and pallets.

Partly stimulated by François Munsters (his brother in law), who entered the company in 1978, the firm became one of the biggest packing facilities in Limburg. This made moving to their present location on the industrial estate of Borgloon in 1986 necessary.

In 1994, the firm Jamart took a drastic but sensible decision. The company switched over to disposable lightweight crates, like we all know today.

Stijn Jamart (son of Rico) also joined the company in 1994 and in 1998 he started the transport company bvba Transport Stijn Jamart to supply customers just-in-time.

Today, the firm Jamart is being further extended by Stijn and his brother Dirk Jamart.


  • Production only during the months June, July, August and September
  • Available in oak or pinewood.
  • We only produce the measurement 1240 x 1240 x 750h mm

Fruit boxes

  • Large assortment for deciduous and soft fruits and for stone fruits
  • Also a large range of vegetable boxes
  • Boxes in all sorts of dimensions


Our trucks + trailers with an insertion height of 2.88m and an internal length of 2x 7.80m are ideal for the execution of your volume transport.

Bvba Transport Stijn Jamart has its own transport license to execute transport for third parties.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for your transport assignment.