Our approach

Bvba Jamart is situated in the middle of the orchards from Loon and in the shadow of the local fruit auction. From a strategic point of view it couldn’t be better because our company is specialized in the production of wooden fruit pallet-boxes and fruit boxes. Our clients are primarily fruit auctions, fruit exporters and sorting companies.

Here at JAMART, we guarantee you the lowest prizes because we avoid unnecessary costs and we keep our working methods as efficient as possible.


Thanks to the fruit boxes from JAMART bvba, you will be able to display your products in an attractive, natural and quality conserving way. We always work with freshly supplied wood.

We have an ISPM n°15 certificate. An ISPM n°15 standardization is required for export to different countries. Information for each country can be found at: ctib-tchne.be


JAMART bvba fabricates all common standard sizes. All of our products can be stacked easily and fit together perfectly on standard pallets. The wooden boxes are sturdy enough, so pallets without racking systems can be stacked in the cooling and therefore, occupy less space.


JAMART bvba employs 20 permanent staff members. Two automated production lines are set up for the production of boxes, with a combined capacity of 50.000 boxes a day. To be able to accept urgent and unexpected orders, we have large storage depots and a transport service at our disposal.

By shortly following the market evolutions and analyzing the consumption of previous years, we proactively calculate the demand for our boxes from our customers.  That way, we can flexibly respond to peak demands.


JAMART bvba serves her customers based on the “just in time” principle. Our own transport service Stijn Jamart bvba guarantees a prompt and accurate delivery.